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Therapeutic Philosophy

There has never been a person exactly like you, and there never will be again. I do not want to offer an off-the-shelf approach hoping it will be the one that works for you. Instead, I tailor your healing experience to fit with who you are. I have expertise in many different models and methods of treatment. My unique ability as a practitioner is my adaptability and being able to curate a bespoke approach from a variety of proven methods so that you can get support that fits your unique needs.

Image by Iulia Mihailov

There are many different theories and styles of therapy. By taking the time to get to know your unique experience I can begin to craft an approach that will align with who you are as an individual.

Image by Arnold Leow

Typically, therapists focus on specific therapeutic models and develop skills that work well for the people who these models work well for. When there is a match with a client and therapist it can be transformative, but when there is a mismatch clients may get discouraged trying different therapists or treatments and feeling like none are a good fit for them. Not all keys work in all locks.

Because I tailor treatment to best suit your needs framed from your unique subjective experience I can leverage an eclectic theoretical pool of knowledge, strategies, and interventions. We will collaboratively cultivate an approach that may consist of treatment models CBT, psychodynamic, ACT, narrative, art, play, IFS, and mindfulness techniques.

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